El Clúster Andalucía Smart City y la Agencia Noruega de Innovación, Innovation Norway organiza una misión a Andalucía con varias empresas noruegas del ámbito de la Smart City.
Los encuentros se celebrarán los días 15 y 16 de junio y el lugar elegido por Innovation Norway para la celebración de los encuentros con las empresas del Clúster ha sido Málaga.

Entre las distintas actividades que llevarán a cabo en el marco de esta misión, y con el objetivo de iniciar una cooperación con Andalucía Smart City y sus miembros, las empresas noruegas están interesadas en mantener reuniones bilaterales con aquellas empresas del Clúster con las que puedan tener sinergias o intereses empresariales comunes.

 Aquellos que tengáis interés, podéis enviar un email a la siguiente dirección para solicitarles reuniones bilaterales entre hoy y el próximo Miércoles 4 de Mayo, noruega@andaluciasmartcity.com

A continuación podéis ver una breve descripción de las empresas que van a participar por parte de Noruega.

NAME: eSmart Systems
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: eSmart Systems is developing next generation smart grid software systems. By using our solutions customers benefit from energy market price fluctuations to reduce energy consumption and climate emissions. eSmart Systems is based on more than two decades of successful and extensive international experience at operating knowledge-based and world-leading companies targeting global markets.
PERSON/PERSONS ATTENDING THE MEETING: Knut Gustavsen, Co-funder and COO; Thomas Nergaard, Intern
More info: http://andsc.eu/1qYusfl

FIELD/SCOPE: Transport (IT Solutions)
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Fara is the leading Nordic supplier of IT solutions and related services to the Public Transportation sector. Fara provides a unique product portfolio with open and integrated on-board and back office solutions for automatic Fare Collection, Fleet Operations & Management, Traffic Management and Real Time Passenger Information & Infotainment. 
PERSON/PERSONS ATTENDING THE MEETING: Ove Andreas Gjermstad, Business Development Director
More info: http://andsc.eu/1UjBWFI

NAME: Future Home
FIELD/SCOPE: Domotics/ Wireless Smart Home Solutions
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Future Home is our application and complex solution which lets you control hundreds of smart devices through the Smart Hub gateway. With Future Home we wish to empower people to get complete control of all the electronics in their home; all from a single application. Unlike many existing wireless smart home solutions, Future Home offers completely maintenance-free switches and sensors.
PERSON/PERSONS ATTENDING THE MEETING: Erik Stokkeland, Co-founder and CEO; Enikő Weisz, Business Development Manager

FIELD/SCOPE: Energy/Infrastructure/Telecommunications
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Lyse is a Norwegian industrial group operating within the fields of energy and fibre-based broadband. The Group began operations on 1 January 1999 but has roots that extend more than 100 years back in time. The Group is owned by 16 municipalities in Sør-Rogaland. The Lyse Group has developed into a substantial national operator within renewable energy. With experience from building and operating infrastructure, the Group has established itself as the national leader within fibre-optic broadband.
PERSON/PERSONS ATTENDING THE MEETING: Herbjørn Tjeltveit, Communications Director; Tore KristoffersenDirector Special Projects Lyse Telecom AS
More info: http://andsc.eu/1QD9qbl

NAME: Nordic Smart Buildings
FIELD/SCOPE: Buildings
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A company dedicated to making buildings smarter and more energy efficient. The company was established in 2015 as a joint venture between the IT system integrator F5 IT and the technical entrepreneur ApplyTB. The two companies are representing 500 specialists and 100+ years of experience, and innovative IT solutions for the smart building of the future.
NAME: Numascale
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Numascale provides turnkey systems for the Big Data Analytics market. The combination of optimized and maintained open source software with the unique Numascale cache coherent shared memory architecture delivers solutions that scale and perform extremely well; Perfect for running in-memory analytics on large datasets, providing unmatched performance at a very attractive price point. Numascale is Bigger Data Analytics.
PERSON/PERSONS ATTENDING THE MEETING: Morten Toverud, CEO; Odd Jostein Svendsli, VP Global Sales & Marketing
More info: http://andsc.eu/24mO6jS

NAME: Westcontrol
FIELD/SCOPE: Electronics
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Westcontrol has many years of experience in developing and manufacturing electronics based solutions. Many of our customers let Westcontrol take care of the work concerning assembling, testing and packing of their products. As a result, they can utilise their core expertise even more by devoting more effort to their core activities and the markets they know best.
More info: http://andsc.eu/1TyLPgv
NAME: Zaptec
FIELD/SCOPE: Car, Energy and Space Industry
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A norwegian tech company founded in November 2012. Located in Stavanger with offices in Tønsberg and in Silicon Valley. From a staff of 2 to 30 in 3 years. Core technology based on 10years research and development that has received several prizes. Today Zaptec develops products with Norwegian and international partners in the car, energy and space industry. 
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